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Things to do before traveling abroad

1. Make sure your passport and Visa are up to date.

Check the expiration date of your passport immediately and renew it if needed. Allow enough time for the application to be processed. 

Find out whether you need a visa and where to get it. Make copies of your passport and visa pages for your destination and pack them separately.

2. Planning to rent a Car at your destination.

Find out whether an international driver’s license is required or if your countries license will suffice.

3. Get vaccinations and fill prescriptions.

Pack your medicine in its prescription bottles in your carry bag. Pack more than enough medicine to last your trip. Find out health and vaccination requirements for your destination and get any required shots 6 weeks before departure.

4. Buy travel insurance.

It’s possible that your health insurance won’t cover you while you’re traveling so consider buying medical evacuation and emergency medical insurance. 

5. Pack appropriately

Don’t bring valuables with you as they may attract thieves. Before you depart, empty your wallet of unnecessary items such as credit cards you don’t plan to use. 

6. Brush up on your knowledge about your destination.

Learning the history and customs of your destination will make your stay enjoyable and the people more accommodating to your needs.

Happy Traveling!

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