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Chromat Launches New Campaign

Today on Model News, New York–based swimwear label Chromat has launched a new campaign which proposes a new set of Pool Rules: Intolerance Not Tolerated, Body Policing Prohibited, Scars and Stretch Marks Welcome, All Abilities Accepted, Food-Shamming Not Permitted, Body Hair Appreciated, Celebrate Cellulite, No Age Restrictions, Respect Preferred Pronouns and Unrestricted LGBTQ + PDA.

Designer Becca McCharen-Tran told Glamour that: ‘I just really loved thinking about all the messaging we see around Summer time, and how it can be such a vulnerable time for people – I wanted to make a campaign that really celebrated all these amazing trailblazers in the fashion industry’. The Models featured in this campaign are Denise Bidot, Ericka Hart, Mama Cax, Emme, and Geena Rocero, all which have worked with Chromat before.

Take a look at some images from the campaign and to read more on this story, you can click here.

Image Courtesy: Chromat Instagram Account.

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