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Model’s Choice Badges

The next stage of the Model Search is well under way and we can feel the excitement building up as we move closer to crowning the winner for this year’s Model Search.

The next badge to be handed out is the Model’s Choice badge. This badge carries a lot of value as nothing is better than getting recognition from a previous Model Search Winner!

Sherica Small is World Swimsuit’s 2017 Model Search runner up and she is this year’s official judge for the Model’s Choice Badge. We sat down for a chat with her to find out what she’s been up to since winning the runner’s up prize.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia is a state right above Florida in the United States. I dance Salsa and I also love boxing. I grew up as a tomboy playing sports like soccer, basketball, track, karate and gymnastics. I love to inspire others through my journey of loving myself and becoming who Gods created me to be! I’ve found that it’s my purpose. I’m a very positive and optimistic person and such an Old Soul. I’m also really laid back and very goofy. Modeling is my passion, it’s what I love to do! I always believe you should chase your dreams and try everything in your power to make them a reality.

  • Sugarbeach Resort, Mauritius was where you shoot took place last year with World Swimsuit, what was your most treasured moment?
  • My favorite moment at the resort was shooting for world swimsuit! It was so much fun going to different locations and creating all the photos you see in the magazine! Modeling is what I love to do. So getting to do what I love in a beautiful place like Mauritius and Sugar Beach Resort was something I’ll cherish forever.

  • Brands/campaigns you’ve worked on?
  • TJ Maxx, Jc Penny, Burt’s bees, Belk, Whole Foods, Zando, Superbalist are some of the American and South African Brands I’ve worked for.

  • How long have you been a model?

    I’ve been a model for a little over 3 and a half years now.

  • Who has been your favorite photographer to work with?
  • World Swimsuit Photographer, Jacques Weyers has been my favorite photographer to work with. Because he has such a great personality. He is very easy to work with. He knows the shots he wants & such a nice person to be around energetically!

  • What do u look for when choosing a model to award a badge?
  • There are so many beautiful models, it can be hard to choose at times! I think what makes someone stand out more to me is getting a sense of who they are. Their personality, their inner beauty, their reason for doing what they are doing. Their confidence and of course how great they look in a bikini, all play a factor in the decision.

  • Other interesting facts about you?
  • I love learning new languages. Any time I make a friend who speaks a language I don’t know, I always ask them how to say things. I taught myself Spanish mainly by listening to music & speaking to my best friends’ family members. My best friends are from Costa Rica and Honduras.

  • Advice to aspiring models?
  • My advice to aspiring models is not to give up! I wasn’t accepted to the first agency I applied to, or even the third. You have to have very tough skin and be able to believe in yourself and your dreams even when others don’t. Know that not everyone will like you and that is okay and also that persistence will take you a long way!

Here are Sherica’s chosen Models from this year’s Model Search:

Taryn Morris

Floret Fauna

Mariah Rivera

Megha Sandhu

Brittany Harvey



Lisa Stoffela

Roselyn Ashkar


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