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Demi-Leigh-Nel- Peters

Here is another exciting installment of Demi–Leigh news where we fill you in on the latest news of Miss Universe.

last month, Demi made a big announcement on her Instagram account. In the message, Demi-Leigh announces that she will be represented by IMG Models and expresses her gratitude. Here is the post taken from her Instagram account:

Even though She is now a citizen of the World and Globetrotter, Demi-Leigh remains active on issues affecting her country of birth, South Africa. On the below image, She is seen posing in front of the Mandela Statue outside the South African embassy in Washington in celebration of her country’s Freedom Day.

Always active on issues that really matter, Demi-Leigh attended the DKMS Love Gala in New York earlier this month. DKMS, an organisation dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorder hosts the event to raise funds in order to help patients in need of life saving transplants. Demi looked as elegant as ever at this event.

Those are your biggest stories from Miss Universe for now. Be sure to stay tuned for more on the next instalment.

Image courtesy: Demi-Leigh Instagram account

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