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Cheap Destinations with great weather to travel to this May

Depending on where you find yourself during this month, you May (see what we did there) be trying to escape the cold wet seasons of most of Southern Central Africa or looking to flee Asia with the inevitable start of the Monsoon,we at World Swimsuit have compiled a few cheap destinations to make your planning a little easy.

1.The Caribbean

Famous for its beaches, but the Caribbean has so much more to offer even for people who are not so crazy about beaches. You can visit its fascinating sights such as the Old Havana with it’s beautiful 17th Century Cathedral, its restaurants and bars.

2. Athens, Greece

With temperatures reaching a maximum high of 26 degrees Celsius and affordable hotel prices in May, it could be time to pack up your best swimwear and brush up on your Greek.

Image Curtesy: @LostBoysBar Instagram

3. Marrakech, Morocco

This major city located about 149 miles southwest of Casablanca- another major city that is known for its bad as much as it is known for its perks. A few negative reviews have been written about this city, but the general consensus is that If you take some precautions, you will have a good experience. Some of the precautions to take include remembering your way back to your hotel as Google Maps gets you lost most of the time. You can look forward to booking luxurious accommodation for cheap prices and a trip to the Sahara Desert.

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