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Koh Samui- Thailand

Our Model Search is out in full swing, and not long from now the victors will be travelling to Koh Samui for that once in a lifetime shoot with World Swimsuit’s talented team of photographers, videographers, and stylists. We are very excited to visit this melting pot of an island in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, and to share that excitement with you our beloved readers, here are a few cool things about Koh Samui that will see you plan a little get-away to this island.

1. Budget Savvy

Koh Samui (also known as Samui Island) attracts budget travelers with its simple beachside bungalows and wealthy holidaymakers with its many luxury resorts and villas. With bungalows costing just $20 per night, one need not break the bank to enjoy what the island has to offer. 

2. Tropical Treasures

Samui is surrounded by the Marine National Park. This archipelago comprises 42 islands and is said to cover 250 square kilometers…that is a lot to see. A few hours trip by boat through the islands provides so many different settings.

 3. Landmarks

The Two landmarks that stand out from others are namely; the Wat Phra Yai known in English as the Big Buddha Temple and the Hin TA and Hin Yai Rocks. These two rocks are popular due to their shapes that resemble the male and female genitalia.


If you are looking for peace and relaxation or wild nightly parties, Koh Samui beaches have everything for everyone. So, meet us at Koh Samui this summer, you might catch a glimpse of a World Swimsuit model….

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