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How to be a Savvy traveller

So you may not be much of a traveler and when you do, you may often find that you can miss something important. We at World Swimsuit care about your well-being when you travel, so, we have compiled the following list to ensure that you can enjoy your holiday instead of stressing throughout. Without further ado, here’s our top ten list of being a world class savvy traveler.

  1. Always pack a towel. In-case you stop at the beach, for a picnic or simply to dry off.

2. Take an extra bank card or credit card. People are prone to losing stuff during travel so, you don’t want to be left stranded in a new environment with no access to your funds.

3. Get lost purposefully. Always take the opportunity to wander aimlessly, it is the only way you can learn about a new place and discover unknown interesting places.

4. Book window seats. So you can rest your head on the bulkhead, especially on those international flights.

5. Keep a small power strip. This is the best way to keep all devices close by at the hotel. 

6. Learn the local customs and laws. Never ever assume that all countries have the same laws. Do a little research on the place you will be visiting to avoid getting in trouble for simply being ignorant. Learn a few simple things like how to say ‘hello’ or ‘excuse me please’ in the language of that region or country, residence would be happier to assist when you display such etiquette.

7. Save money. You don’t have to eat out every night, do some grocery shopping will all the local favourites. By doing this, not only will you save a buck, but learn the local tastes as well. Grab lunch at expensive restaurants as they offer same meals at lunchtime as lunchtime, only at half the price!

8. Carry a basic first aid kit. When travelling, nobody expects to come across any emergencies, but the truth is accidents do happen. So when they do, make sure that you are prepared and know what to do. 

9. Check in online. Skip those long lines at the counter by checking in online. Most major airlines will allow you to do so within 24 hours before your flight. When you check in online, you can choose to print your boarding pass or send it to your smartphone. 

10. Lastly, Relax and Enjoy yourself, you have taken a well deserved trip so don’t stress and worry about everything. Everything will work out!

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