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Marianne Fonseca

Everybody loves to hear stories of people who against all odds, have risen to achieve their dreams. So, when our World Swimsuit team encounter somebody whose story is worth telling, it gives us great pleasure to share with you, dear followers.

For this week’s edition of our Fresh Face segment, we present to you Marianne Fonseca, a Brazilian born model who has earned herself the reputation of being a talented Instagram user. Marianne began her modelling career at the tender age of 15 and has since then gone on to travel the world, walking the runway for several of the industry big players such as
Timberland, Lancome, and Dior.

This success is a vindication for Marianne in her unwavering belief in herself and her dreams, even when she was told she was ugly and super skinny while growing up.

Now a resident of New York City, Marianne is not only beautiful but has brains too, as she is considering a career in Medicine. We at World Swimsuit applaud you and wish you success in all your future plans.

Take a look at her Instagram account for some absolutely stunning images. Marianne Fonseca is represented by MC2 Models

All images courtesy of Marianne’s Instagram 

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