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Summer Exercises

So, you’re getting ready for your summer vacation and everything is all set. However, you might decide that you want to get in better shape before doing some sightseeing and hitting up the beach. Well you’re in luck as we have just the right exercises and it’s backed up by a doctor from Harvard!


Swimming is great because you use your entire body and just 30 to 45 minutes a day can do wonders. Another benefit is that since it’s a low impact activity, your joints are not harmed, and your brain is protected from age-related illnesses.

Tai Chi

The practice of tai chi has existed for many man years and has remained as popular today as it ever was. Tai Chi is perfect for maintaining your balance which can be crucial when one is exploring a new place for the day. Other benefits include, reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility, and increase muscle strength in the legs.

Strength training

This kind of training involves the use of weights, whether it be with barbells, dumbbells or even your own body weight. Strength training is directly linked to the reduction of body fat, increase lean muscle mass as well as increasing your metabolism. This will ensure you got the beach body you’ve been dreaming of and you can feel confident in that new swimsuit.


We know what you’re thinking, how can something as simple as walking help you? Well doctors have found that those who do brisk walking for about 30 minutes four times a week can rapidly increase one’s mood which is great if you want to get into the right mental shape before entering your travel journey. Scientists have also found that regular amounts of brisk walking can add years to your life and who doesn’t want to live longer and travel more?

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