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Model News – Sara Sampaio

Wednesday officially marks the mid-week point and it’s time for us to share with you some model news you might have missed.

Today, we will be looking at Elle magazine’s latest cover shoot featuring three Victoria’s Secret models. Their shoot was specifically for Elle China as Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge and Sara Sampaio all graced the pages of the magazine’s October issue.

For today we are focusing solely on Sara’s cover as it is her nautical themed shoot which caught our eye, and it takes place at one of our favourite places, the beach. The cover was shot by famed photographer, Alexei Hay and styled by Stephanie Zhuge as she dresses the model in a whole host of luxurious looks.

On the cover, you can see Sara rocks some black lingerie with an embroidered Dolce & Gabbana jacket and leather beret with an ocean view in the distance. For the rest of the looks, Sara wears many kinds of swimsuits all accessorized with designer scarves, jackets, blazers and tops.

What really catches one’s attention is the subtle use of jewellery as waves crash around the model, sand as the backdrop and the use of rocks all play a part in her shoot. With another illustrious cover to her name, we’re sure the streak will continue for this Portuguese sensation as she was recently confirmed to walk in the 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion show earlier this month.

Speaking about the show…get all the details regarding the event here. For all the magazine’s looks take a peak below.

All images courtesy of Elle China

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