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Fresh Face – Jocelyn Chew

In the modelling world, there are many new and exciting faces all trying to make a name for themselves…keeping this in mind, we, at World Swimsuit would like to highlight a model we think is on her way to supermodel stardom.

On this Monday, we would like to introduce you to our latest fresh face, Jocelyn Chew.

Born in British Columbia, Canada, on a farm, Jocelyn started modelling at an early age and has since created her own path. She appeared on the show, The Face where she was mentored by none other than Naomi Campbell.

Having learnt from the best, Jocelyn’s career has gone from strength to strength. She has worked with the likes of American Eagle, GQ, and O’Neil… and we think there will be many more to add to to that list.

When asked by GQ when she feels her sexiest she replied, “in a bikini on the beach”, an answer which keeps her in our good books!

Known to be quite passionate about animals, Jocelyn is a vegetarian and would want to be a veterinarian or marine biologist if she had to choose an alternative career. For now, we’re glad she’s strutting her stuff all over the world and giving us another reason to be glued to our feeds.

Jocelyn is represented by Vision Models LA and don’t for get to follow her here

All images courtesy of Jocelyn’s Instagram 

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