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Fresh Face – Allie Silva

It’s a new week which means we introduce you to a new face. Kicking off our week we introduce you to model, Allie Silva.

Coming from the small town of Marlborough, Allie grew up with her two older brothers and now resides in sunny Los Angeles.

Allie is very much a people’s person as evidenced by her degree in sociology and almost worked in the human services industry.

Being of African-American and Norwegian descent, Allie certainly has a distinctive look with golden curly hair and green eyes and many people mistake her for being Brazilian.

As far as her modelling goes, Allie has worked with the likes of GQ, Island Company, Playboy and Seventeen magazine. When asked who is her favourite model, Allie said that she loves everything about Aussie, Miranda Kerr.

Allie admires the way Miranda has built her brand and the fact that she wears many hats such as model, mother, entrepreneur, author and constantly aligns herself with holistic brands.

As for her future career plans, Allie is very much aware the role social media plays in today’s climate and she hopes to add to current trends by changing the one-dimensional view of beauty where women of all shapes, sizes and races are represented equally.

Allie is represented by Wilhelmina Models and you can follow her on Instagram here.

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