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The Best Hidden Island Gems

By now we’ve all been to, or have heard about all the usual island spots…Maldives, Seychelles, Phi Phi Island, Zanzibar, the list is endless.

While we will forever be fans of those places, we’ve decided to switch it up and introduce you to more locations, which you may have never heard of.

Here is a list of 5 island destinations to check out before you jet off to your next destination:

1. Aitutaki, Cook Islands:

This unknown destination is located north of Rarotonga, and was even used for filming the popular show Survivor. The 12km long lagoon features every shade of blue one can imagine and a 9-hole golf course to make sure there is something for everyone. One thing that will really catch the eye is its original island style scenery which will instantly make you fall in love with the island.

2. Utila, Honduras:

Not many people know about the country Honduras, but what we know is that it is home to the tiny Utila island which is only 11km long. This doesn’t stop it from having over 60 diving sites and a two-day music festival known as Sun Jam. With affordable accommodation & scuba lessons, you will be able to enjoy this holiday without spending a fortune and you will be helping out the local businesses too.

3. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

This location stretches over 850 acres and remains one of the last privately owned islands. The island includes seven white powder-sand beaches and accommodates 32 guests, which means you get an intimate vacation should you choose to visit. These days Guana Island is known for being home to many endangered species such as Roseate flamingos and red-legged tortoises.

4. Quilalea, Mozambique

Situated in the middle of a protected Indian Ocean marine sanctuary Quilalea was only made available to the public in 2011. The only place you will be able to stay at is Azura Quilalea Private Island but don’t worry there is plenty to do from diving and kayaking the mangroves to just chilling in a nearby hammock.

5. Sovalye Island, Turkey

Now we know what you’re thinking, Turkey really? Well let us explain, this island has loads of history attached to it from the old city wall, churches and even a Roman cistern. This kind of significance combined with pristine beaches, crystal waters and amazing views makes for a winning destination! 

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