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The World’s Most Exotic Beaches

A list of the world’s most exotic beaches

In different parts and countries of the world, there is that one thing that stands out. Most countries are gifted with beaches that are ideal getaways for travel enthusiasts. Below is a list of the world’s most exotic beaches.

1. Harbour Island

This exotic beach which is situated in Bahamas offers individuals a one on one encounter with its pink sands. While on this beach, everyone gets an opportunity to appreciate the cool breeze that originates from the palm trees and can relax and experience the rich benefits of the sun.

2. Honopu Beach-Kauai

Located in a remote and secluded place in Hawaii, the best way to access this beach is to swim. It has two beaches characterized by high sea cliffs. Another significant feature of this beach is a maganificent waterfall.

3. Ofu Beach, Ofu Island, American Samoas

This beach is a preferred destination for travelers and locals. To get to Ofu beach, one needs to use a plane as a means of transport. The enormous cliffs of Ofu beach offer a panoramic view of its surroundings. Ofu Beach is ideal for those who are passionate about swimming and diving.

4. Baja do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha

At the heart of Brazil is Baja do Sancho beach. It has a reputation as a beautiful beach among the Brazilians. Its aesthetic emerald green water and white sand- captures the attention of tourists. For turtle lovers, Baja do Sancho beach is the place to be. In addition, its high cliffs enable people to easily spot dolphins.

5. Giants Causeway Beach

Based in Ireland, this exotic beach was branded a world heritage site for more than three decades by UNESCO. The intertwining basalt columns engulfing this beach are attributed to its exotic nature.

6. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

According to credible sources, this beach is regarded as the most exceptional beach in Philippines. Some of the factors that make El Nido beach famous include:

Marble cliffs

Awe-inspiring waterfalls

Caves that have been in existence for many centuries

In summary, whenever you want to experience the magic that emanates from a beach, be sure to check out the options explored above.

Each of these beaches have something unique to offer. The breath-taking views, white sands, great waters and adventurous opportunities offered by these beaches are irresistible.

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