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FTV badges

Founded in 1997 by Polish born Michel Adam Lisowski, Fashion TV has gone on to become the leading fashion TV network for all things stylish!

Boasting 400 million viewers and covering all the biggest fashion events in the world is what FTV is about.

New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week is just some of the content that can be viewed on their channel which includes behind-the-scenes, interviews and live designer shows.

The FTV badges are as follows: 


Sofia Bianchessi

Annie Ericson

Katharina Vucanovic

Tayla Skye Robinson


Sandra Schmidt


Anna Nuuyoma

Abby Gail Gray

Caitlin Lamb

Rethabile Lethoko 


Morgan Ketzner

Irina Ostroukhova

Savannah Jerson

McKenzie Sanders

Jess Hague

Elisa Meliani

Samantha Krupa

Kristina Innemee

Marcie Monfret

Tiffany Freeman

Sonja van Heerden

Margarita Lopatik

Alyssa Arendse


Nicole Meyer


Ivana Paige

Katarina Cupakova

Alana Monteiro

Kristina Boyko

Diana Kubasova

Melissa Van Tonder


Lucy Cronkite

Kiara Pace 

Katherina Andreeva

Carolina Lina

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