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Final Blog Award badges

Our final blogger to award badges is the man behind I Love SI Girls, Steve. His blog,, focuses on all things Swimsuit! World Swimsuit previously worked with him on the Blog Award badge in 2015 and 2016 and once again he did not disappoint. Whether it is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models or any other swimsuit superstars, Steve knows all about them and has been blogging for quite some time. With almost 10 000 Twitter followers, the blog’s popularity continues and shows no sign of slowing down.

Such is his influence within the swimsuit realm that a few prominent models have taken notice. You can count the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and their models Nina Agdal, Emily DiDonato, Christine Teigen and cover girl Hannah Davis as some of the ILoveSIGirls followers.

Wow! The man knows his stuff and with such a bunch of influential followers it’s a no brainer why we asked this blogger to choose some contestants for the Blog Award.

Check out his choices below:

Christen Dye

Samantha Krupa

Kate Culbert

Vivienne Buffkins

Katherina Andreeva

Sonja van Heerden

Christie Peruso



Stephanie Straface

Amber Bierman


Isa Griffin

Lucy Cronkite

Alba Fernandez

Lavinia Postolache

Chanelle Soncini

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