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Photographer’s Choice badges: Preyen Moodley

Some of you may have heard the name, Preyen Moodley or Loopphoto before. Preyen is a swimsuit & lingerie photographer based in Cape Town and is no stranger to the World Swimsuit team.

He worked with us in 2015 when he shot the official World Swimsuit rookies featuring, Niamh Adkins, Mariana Fernandes, Tayla Davis, Dana Tyne and Kerry-Lee Cousins.

You might have come across his Instagram page, loophoto, which showcases all kinds of swimsuit models and judging by his account he sure seems to be quite good at it. 

Today he is the man presenting our Photographer’s Choice badges. Take a look at his selection below and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram & Twitter.

Sonaj van Heerden

Samantha Krupa

Matachley Salmon

Lavinia Postolache

Kaone Dube

Kinsey Wolanski

Nicola du Plessis

Anna Modler

Tayla Skye Robinson

Vivienne Buffkins

Annie Ericson


Tiffany Freeman

Jana-Skye Beukman  

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