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Model News – Emma Watson for Vanity Fair

With another Wednesday here, we have another dose of Model News to bring you guys. With Oscar fever gripping everyone this past Monday we thought it might be appropriate to talk about one actress, Emma Watson. While she might be an actress first, she does appear on her fair share of magazine covers and today is no different. The former Harry Potter star covers the latest issue of Vanity Fair and reveals more about herself. The shoot itself sees the 26-year old don the likes of Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci and many other high end designs. The background seems to have a Victorian theme to it, something she blends with quite nicely and was shot by photographer Tim Walker.

As she strikes poses alongside a large mirror the photos show a woman with some fighting spirit and is exactly how she portrays herself to the world. In the magazine, the actress talks about why she doesn’t take pictures with fans as it provides people access to where she could be at any given time and is afraid of sharing such information daily. She does however go on to state that she’s down to answer any Harry Potter fan questions and won’t shy away from pictures with children. It’s nice to see her all glammed-up when we are used to her sophisticated looks when she’s addressing the UN on a wide variety of issues affecting women the world over.

Check out all the images from her shoot below and stay tuned to World Swimsuit for more Model News! 

All Images courtesy of Vanity Fair 

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