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How To Pack Your Suitcase In 30 Minutes!

We’ve all been there: it’s the day of your trip, you’ve known about it for weeks, but for some reason you just haven’t found the time to pack and now you have to leave in 30 minutes! Don’t worry though, with this quick guide you’ll be wheels-up in no time!

1. Pick your suitcase wisely

In this case, smaller and lighter is better than bigger and bulkier. A smaller suitcase forces you pack less, plus it’s easier to carry/pull/manoeuvre.

2. Lay everything out

Whether you do it on your bed or on the floor, lay out everything you plan to take with before you begin packing. You can do a quick overview, and you’ll quickly release that you can halve almost everything (seriously). This is also the time to coordinate your wardrobe to make sure that as much as possible can be mixed and matched. Also, more shirts and tops, less pants and bottoms, make sure you have enough underwear and socks, and don’t forget your bikini!

3. Toiletries

This is kind of part of step two, but it’s important enough to demand its own point on this list. There are few things worse than arriving in your destination and realising you’ve forgotten your essentials. And while we’re on the topic, pack liquids in travel size containers – it doesn’t help if you remembered to pack everything and then half of it gets confiscated at the airport!

4 .Travel outfits

Take two comfortable travel outfits for the trip there and back – don’t pack the one you’re planning to wear (we’ve done, results = disastrous).

5 .Shoes

Ladies, less is more. Pack in some comfy walking shoes (these might be what you fly in) and a pair of flip-flips, that’s it. Unless you know that you’ll absolutely need something to go out, forgo the stylish heels.

6 .Pack!

Start with your shoes first, and remember to stuff your socks and maybe some underwear in them. Pack your clothes directly into your suitcase, rolling them up as you go. A warm top (or a scarf) should be the second last thing, and your toiletries go right on top – chances are that’s what you’re going to want to get to first.

We hope this helps you next time you’re in a rush to get going, good luck!

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