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How To Save Money On Your Next Trip

After sharing some of this year’s most popular travel destinations with you last week, we only thought it fair to follow up with our best money saving tips so that you can actually go on your dream trip! Let’s dive straight in…

Flights and Travel

  1. Be flexible – ticket fares can change from day to day, and dates of departure/arrival can also greatly influence ticket price.
  2. Fly indirect – if time is not a big issue, consider booking an indirect flight. A layover of a few hours could save you quite a few dollars!
  3. One-way vs Roundtrip – look at the difference in price between one-way and return tickets. There’s no set rule here, but sometimes two one-way flights work out cheaper than a single return trip, and other times the opposite is true.
  4. Package trips – deals that include flights and accommodation (and sometimes more) might seem like a gimmick, but can often work out cheaper than booking the individual elements separately. Check all your options before making a choice.
  5. Pack light – paying excess on luggage is simply unnecessary and easily avoidable. Weigh your bags before you leave home, and if they’re overweight remove redundant items (you don’t need your whole wardrobe).
  6. Take snacks – airport food is notoriously expensive. If you know you’ve got a long layover pack in a few of your favourite snacks to take along.

Once You’re There

  1. Accommodation – the easiest way to save costs on accommodation is to avoid hotels, and these days that’s incredibly easy. There are tons of apps and websites that present a number of alternatives. Another option is to do a house swap! Find a traveller from the country you’re visiting and find out if they’d be open to swapping homes for the duration of your travel.
  2. Eating – many accommodation options will include a basic breakfast, take advantage of this when/where possible. If breakfast is charged, you’ll probably do better eating elsewhere. For lunch and dinner, try to avoid the main strip and establishments close to tourist sites, they can be overpriced and are more often than not packed to the brim with tourists.
  3. Avoid Tours – as with accommodation, there are countless apps and websites that can offer you all the information you need about local sites and destinations. Better yet, you get to plan your own itinerary, and if anything doesn’t quite measure up on the day, just move on!
  4. Walk – not only does walking save you money, it’s also one of the best ways to explore a new destination. Just be sure to check that the area you are in is safe for tourists – this information can usually be found online, or from the hosts of your accommodation.
  5. Renting a vehicle – if walking isn’t always an option and you need a vehicle, choose carefully before you make a decision. Get a small car that’s light on fuel and easy to park anywhere, and if possible bring it back to the original dealer (one-way rentals incur high fees to return vehicles). When you’re on the road, avoid toll roads and stick to the speed limit, nothing ruins a lovely roadtrip like a nasty speeding fine!
  6. Do as the Locals do – literally. Eat where they eat, use the same transport, check out the same clubs. They know their way around, and you can be sure they’re not trying to impress anyone!

Ok, we reckon that’s enough for now – we don’t want to overwhelm you! Have you used any of these tricks to save money? Do have any gems you can share with us? 

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