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Top Travel Destinations for 2017

We’re not even a week into 2017 and we’re already dreaming of all the wonderful places we want to visit this year! Naturally, this led us to the internet, and scouring countless “Best Destinations”, “Top 10”, and “Must See” lists. And, take it from us, there are simply too many lists and too many places to see in a single year. So, we compiled a Best-of-the-Best list, taking the top 5 most-mentioned destinations and putting them into a list of our own.


On all of the lists we perused, Canada popped up more often than any other destination. The North American country is as diverse as it is big. This year also happens to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation a.k.a. the year it became a country. Gorgeous landscapes, enormous lakes, towering mountains, countless fjords and islands, and beautiful cities make up just a fraction of its appeal as a tourist destination. Add to that incredibly friendly people and excellent infrastructure, and you’ve got a dream destination!

South Korea

On the opposite side of the globe, South Korea beckons. The birthplace of Gangnam Style, over the last few years, the technology giant has steadily been gaining popularity as a tourist destination. When you consider all it has to offer – a rich culture, deep history, intriguing and exciting cuisine, great city life, and beautiful landscapes – it’s not hard to see why more and more travellers are heading there.

South Africa

A regular entry on must-visit lists, South Africa has long been a favourite destination among all types of travellers. The relatively small country offers incredible diversity, offering something for just about everyone. World-renowned beaches, wonderful safaris, vibrant cities, and welcoming people make the Rainbow Nation a great place to add to your 2017 travel list!


With a great seaside location, superb culinary offerings, and a unique culture, Georgia is a terribly underrated destination. Its breath-taking countryside is a paradise for the outdoors type and has a booming wine scene. Its beautiful, medieval cities are simply mesmerising, and the mix of ancient and contemporary life is fascinating.


Unsurprisingly, the USA, or some city or state within it, was on just about every list we saw. Across its 50 states, the huge country in spectacularly diverse. From the bright lights and buzz of New York city, to the waters and beaches of Hawaii, and the magnificent Rocky Mountains, there’s simply nothing you can’t do in the land of Stars and Stripes.

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