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Getting Over Homesickness

Travelling takes its toll on everyone in different ways, but almost no one is immune to at least a little bit of homesickness. It usually doesn’t last long, but it almost always hits you right where it hurts and for a brief few moments it seems like nothing’s going to be ok. Of course, everything will be ok – most of the time – but just to make you’re ready for that pang, we’ve put together a few pieces of advice to help soothe the pain.

Take a Little Piece of Home with You

We’re not talking about “keeping a piece of home in your heart”, we mean quite literally take along some stuff from home. Pictures of friends and family, a few local treats, your favourite tea or coffee, all these things can give you a quick, and often much-needed dose of home.

Buy Gifts for Love Ones

Missing someone specific? Go out and find a gift just for them! Not only will it distract you, but as soon as you have it, it’ll feel like you’re carrying a little bit of that person with you all the time!

Keep Yourself Busy

This is how we usually avoid any intense homesickness, and it’s not even by choice! Working on the road means you’re almost always busy, so there’s not even time to get caught up in homesickness. Of course, if you’re holidaying and don’t technically have anything you have to do, go out and find something to do! Go try something new, visit a local site, or explore a new area. Better yet, go for a walk or a jog, the exercise will keep you busy and release some fun-inducing endorphins.

Talk to People and Make New Friends

Strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller or a local. Before you know it, you’ll be wrapped up in their lives, exchanging stories and going off on an adventure together!

Stay in Touch

And, best for last, reach out! These days it’s incredibly easy to stay in touch with friends and family while you’re travelling. Whether it’s via social media, a phone call, an e-mail or whatever else, get in touch with the person(s) you’re missing and have a big ol’ chat!

How do you fight off homesickness? Give us your tips in the comments below J

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