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How To Make Friends While Travelling Abroad

One of the best things about travelling is meeting new people. However, sometimes it can feel quite daunting to put yourself out there. That’s why we’ve thrown together this list of great ways to make friends while travelling abroad, enjoy!


One the best and easiest ways to make friends while you’re travelling, is to find like-minded people at the place you’re staying. That’s why we recommend checking in at a hostel, making use of the couch-surfing community, or booking a place via Airbnb. Chances are, you’ll find people who also have a passion for travel, are most likely also looking to make friends, and are probably on a similar budget to yours.

Make Friends on Transit

It’s pretty easy to spot fellow travellers on trains, planes, boats, and busses. Instead of just offering an awkward smile, go over and introduce yourself. Not only is it a great way to meet someone new, but you’ll also have a buddy by the time you arrive in your next destination.

Take a Trip or Go on a Package Tour

Local excursions are a great way to find fellow travellers. Whether you go white-water rafting, bungie-jumping, tea tasting, or take a cooking class, you’re sure to find someone just like you, looking to explore, have fun, and make friends.

Practice your Favourite Activity or Find a Community

Everyone has hobbies, and they provide a great way to make new friends. You like painting? Go find a local painting community. You play volleyball? Hit the beach and join a game. Are motorbikes your thing? Rent a bike on go on a tour.

Use Apps

These days there’s an app for just about everything, and making friends abroad is no exception. Apps like Party With a Local, Travel Buddies, Backpackr, and Meetup make it super easy to find and make friends while you’re out there in the world. 

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