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Meet The Rookie: Kim Baas

Before she became model, dreamy Dutch girl Kim Baas always dreamt of becoming a top tennis player, and playing doubles with her best friend at Roland Garros. Although that didn’t quite pan out (she still plays competitive tennis), if she continues down her current path she’ll undoubtedly reach the same level of stardom. Even with the pressures and demands of the industry, she has always remained true to who she is, putting friends and family first, and always finding the joy in even the smallest things. She was gracious enough to squeeze us into her schedule and answer a few questions.

What’s your most vivid childhood memory?

When I think of my childhood, I really have a lot of nice, especially warm memories with my family and friends. What still makes me laugh are the many memories I share with my best friends (of 24 years). A particular one that springs to mind, was when we were playing on the farm at my friend’s house. We always used to tease her brother, and there was a little pond with a thin plank laid over from one side to the other. We told him he would never be able to cycle over the thin plank, and of course he wanted to prove us wrong. Needless to say, you can guess what happened…he fell in the water and got soaked!

What’s one thing your five-year old self would be surprised by?

That, from a young age, I’ve been travelling the world by myself all the time. I’m such a family person that I never thought I would be capable of leaving my family’s side for so long!

What’s one thing about you that’s never changed?

One thing that has never changed is my love and discipline for sport, but I’ve also always been a family girl, someone that loves to be around my family and good friends.

What are your ambitions?

My dream is to keep growing in the modelling industry, learn more and get better every day. I’d love to get a big beauty campaign and to travel even more for big jobs. I would work super hard, and am dedicated to achieve this and to go as far as I can.

What’s one skill you wish you learned as a child?

This might be a random answer, but I’ve taken time to think about this question and I honestly feel like I’ve been taught enough skills to develop myself as a person, and to do the things I choose to do.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Follow your heart, count your blessings, think positive, work hard and enjoy each day!

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