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Meet the Rookie: Joy Mashego

Joy Mashego was entered into World Swimsuit Rookie after being crowned Miss Varsity Cup 2016. The gorgeous girl from Mphatseni Village has a heart of gold, and has always been deeply involved with community work. At just eight-years old, she was already offering after-school classes to kids from her village, and she continues to strive for success so that she can “give back more than just hope.” She dreams of providing resources to underprivileged children and adults, so that they can also pursue their dreams. From as early as she can remember she’s had what she calls a “I want it and I’m going to work hard and do whatever it takes until I get it” attitude, and it surely shows! As far as we can tell she’s just about perfect, but she admits to having a bad habit of procrastinating (we’ll let that one slide). We got the chance to have quick chat with her, following her shoot in Noordhoek.

First job that wasn’t a modelling job?

I’ve always been one that was business-minded, loved accounting and always doing something to keep me busy. Hence, my first job was actually one I created for myself in primary school: I was in Grade 4 and I sold sweets at school. In Grade 7, I worked for an old friend who owned a deli/coffee shop.

What’s your most vivid childhood memory?

I was such a naughty, little tomboy girl! It was bad, but I remember playing with my three guy friends: we were playing with bows and arrows that we had made ourselves out of long, thick grass sticks. Two of the guys were shooting and another guy and I had to dodge the arrows. It was all fun until, late in the afternoon, one of the arrows went straight into my eye! I thought I lost my eye, but I only told my father and not my mother, because I knew I’d get a hiding from her for playing such risky games.

What’s one thing your five-year old self would be surprised by?

I have been a tomboy from a very young age – basically since kindergarten – and I never really hung with girls. So, the fact that I have a lot of female friends and I’m much less of a tomboy, and I model, would be a serious shock and surprise. It still is to this day!

What are your dreams now?

Honestly speaking, my dreams are still the same. I still want to – and will – be a successful chartered accountant. I still want to give more than hope, but also resources to the underprivileged.

Who was your childhood hero?

My older sister, Mahlatse Mashego. She still is.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be adventurous and humble, fear God. Don’t dream, but have goals and accomplish them. Don’t alter your goals to fit your situation. Have confidence in your goals and capabilities.

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