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Meet the Rookie: Thaina D

Thaina D, the lanky, afro-rocking Brazilian, grew up wanting to be just like her sister and maybe one day become a stylist. Although we have yet to have the privilege of meeting her sister, if they’re anything alike she is undoubtedly lovely. Similarly, Thaina’s style speaks for itself and her success as a model has sent her on a new path that she’s determined to make the most of. Because our Portuguese is a little rusty (read: non-existent) and Thaina’s still mastering English, there was bit of a language barrier. Thankfully, some nifty modern technology (Google translate), helped us through some questions.

First job that wasn’t a modelling job?

I was a babysitter.

What’s one thing about you that’s never changed?

My honesty.

What are your dreams now?

To become a supermodel and design my own brand of clothing one day.

What’s one skill you wish you learned as a child?

To speak English! (laughs)

Who was your childhood hero?

My dad.

What advice would you give your younger self?

To stay a child as long as you can, and to play more often.

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