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Top 5 Solo Travel Destinations

Times are changing, and where it used to be the norm for people to travel in groups – whether that was family, friends, or otherwise – more and more travellers are opting to go it alone. So, we did a little digging and found five of the best destinations for solo travellers! In no particular order, they are: 

Barcelona, Spain

(Image credit: IAU College)

Known for its exquisite art and architecture, Barcelona is as culturally rich as it is beautiful. Around every corner a treasure awaits, and you can spend hours meandering Las Ramblas, strolling along the boardwalk, or getting lost in Park Güell. Similarly, it offers countless culinary delights, and has exceptional nightlife!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

(Image credit: Adria Blue Collection)

A medieval, oceanfront city, Dubrovnik has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination. Still retaining all of its old-world charm, yet offering a world of contemporary indulgences, it has a wonderfully diverse range of attractions. Follow old, cobbled streets and discover the many artisanal shops, get a better of the magnificent coastline from the city’s ancient walls, or go explore the coastal waters on a kayak.

Austin, TX, USA

(Image credit: Nations Online)

Slowly but surely, Austin has become one of America’s most exciting cities. A university city with a well-developed festival culture, it’s full of friendly people and great attractions. Home to some of the world’s best food trucks and host to excellent annual events like the SXSW festival, it’s great for some solo exploration.


(Image credit: Iceland Pro Cruises)

Iceland is too wonderful to recommend only a single city! Sparsely populated yet breathtakingly beautiful, it’s excellent destination for self-exploration and reflection. Of course, if all that gets a bit much, there are plenty of distractions to clear your mind and put your soul at peace.

New Zealand

(Image credit:

Despite its relatively small size, New Zealand is incredibly diverse. In single day, you can go from exploring glaciers, to trekking through rainforests, flying off of peaks in a paraglider, hiking legendary trails, and much more! On top of that, its people are warm and welcoming, and travelling is a breeze. 

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