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Four Must-Have Travel Essentials

Four Must-Have Blue Travel Essentials

1. A Blue Bikini

Bikinis are essential to any trip, any trip. Even if you’re going on a ski trip at the top of snowy mountain, you’re going to need a bikini at some point, trust us. So, knowing that, why not make it a blue one? Fancy one of the three above? Grab it now at our online shop:

2. Blue Flip Flops

Everyone knows that flip flops are a no-brainer. They’re super versatile and go with anything, and when you’re not wearing them they’re small enough to squeeze in anywhere. And if you’re going to be getting flip flops, you might as well get the best, which we all know is Havaianas.

3. A Bluetooth Speaker

Do we really need to explain this one? Ok, how’s this: music makes everything better. But seriously, whether you need pick me up or to pick up the party, nothing does it better than music. Pairing a Bluetooth speaker with your phone is the easiest way to share the melodic love.

4. The Ostrichpillow ® Original

OK, so this one’s not technically blue (at least not that we could find), but we’ve included it because it’s perfect for when you’re feeling blue. On almost every trip, no matter how long, there comes a stage when you just need a break from everything, just a little breather, a little “me time”. We’re happy to say that the Ostrichpillow ® Original gives you that, wherever you are! Just slip it on, and disappear into your own world for as long as you need to.

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