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Blue Wanderlust: Chefchaouen

Welcome to the first post for our new weekly blog category: Travel. Seeing as our theme for the month is “blue”, we decided to go in search of unique, blue destinations and we found some amazing places! First up, a Moroccan delight…

Hidden away in the Rif Mountains at the northern tip of Morocco, lies the magical city of Chefchaouen. Its blue rinsed houses and buildings are the things of fairy tales, and no one’s really sure why they were painted blue in the first place! One theory claims it keeps mosquitos away, while another says it symbolises the sky and heaven, either way it’s absolutely exquisite.

The city exists in relative isolation and many of the native handicrafts produced there, particularly wool garments and traditionally woven blankets, can’t be found anywhere else. This makes it a popular shopping destination for tourists and travelers to pick up one-of-kind items. You’ll also find delicious Moroccan cuisine and specialties, like the local goat cheese.

Earlier this year Italian magazine, The Fashionable Lampoon (, chose it as one of the locations for its shoot with Swiss model, Xenia Tchoumitcheva ( Unsurprisingly the results were stunning, and Xenia snapped a few of her own behind-the-scenes pics for her Instagram feed – which already has over 900k followers and is steadily approaching 1 million! We included them below for your perusal.

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