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Fresh Face: Anna Herrin

Jet-setting, adventure-seeking, yoga-practicing, and fun-loving, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with hazel-eyed smoke-show, Anna Herrin (we don’t know why we chose to use so many hyphenated words!). The 24-year old was born in Philadelphia, but as soon as she was old enough went in search of eternal sunshine. Her journey led her first to Florida, where she studied at the University of Miami, and then across the continent to Malibu, where she currently resides. When she’s not there, she’s soaking up the sun in a bikini in some tropical location with a team of photographers eagerly snapping away. She got her start in modelling when she was approached by a photographer at a music festival and hasn’t looked back since – and who could blame her! 

We came upon Anna after being sucked into an Instagram black hole (don’t judge, you’ve been there too), and just couldn’t look away. Her feed is an awesome mix of fun, modelling, silliness, and little glimpses of her enviable life. We highly recommend following her immediately: @annaherrin

We’ve included a few of favourite pics below, enjoy! 

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