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Eating a Diet of Healthy Foods

Are you willing to give up unhealthy foods to lead a healthy lifestyle? Is your unhealthy diet bothering you? Do you feel the need to bring about a dietary change? If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above-mentioned questions; here is an article that will hold your interest. We present before you the top six health foods that are consumed by every dietician, the world over! Brace yourself and read on to know more.

Six healthy foods all nutritionists eat:

1. Cinnamon- This spice has topped the list of healthy foods to consume as research shows that just half a spoon a day can help in regulating your blood sugar. In addition, as and when your blood sugar drops, you tend to feel hungry. Cinnamon is the magical ingredient that helps curb your appetite tremendously.

2. Dark berries- As a human being, each one of us crave for something sweet at one point or the other. What nutritionists do is, as and when they get a sweet craving, they sit with a bowl full of berries, which are packed with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, keeping you healthy and satiating your sweet desires.

3. Eggs- Each one of us have them in our kitchens. The plethora of benefits that eggs offer includes proteins, vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory nutrients. They are self -filling and help in strengthening the body and boosting the immunity. Hence, eggs are a common component you will find in every dieticians fridge.

4. Extra-virgin olive oil- Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to get the right mix of good taste, nutrition and health? That’s what extra-virgin olive oil does and therefore makes it one of the top 6 foods consumed by every diet consultant doctor. Extra-virgin olive oil has the right blend of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats to help nourish your body; along with a great taste.

5. Nuts- Soothe your crunchy cravings with nuts that help provide your body with the right amount of protein, antioxidants, as well as a vast variety of vitamins and minerals. The two nuts that form an instant favorite on numerous nutrition consultants list are almonds and walnuts, as its fat and fiber combination fills your stomach, resulting in you consuming less food.

6. Quinoa- You must have heard about the innumerable health benefits of brown rice; however, most nutritionists opt for quinoa over it. That’s because it is a holistic source of protein and contains more fiber as compared to most grains. In addition, quinoa is packed with plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, which help benefit the body.

Two more important food items that you need to be careful with are sugar and salt. Excess of these two is always harmful. It is in your best interests to cut down on the consumption of these two food items. You can also try substituting them with other interesting natural food items. For example, instead of sugar you can try out fresh honey. Similarly, you can try out lemon juice instead of salt.

Finally, make sure that you chew your food well. You should savor every bite and let your digestive juices get flowing. Once you follow these simple tips you are sure to notice a major improvement in your overall health.

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