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Fresh Face: Felicity Palmateer

Felicity Palmateer

Felicity Palmateer was born on the 4 of August 1992 in Perth Australia. She has always looked up to her father and copied many of the things he did, including her current career surfing. From a young age Felicity knew she was born to be in the water and could not get enough of the waves around Perth especially her hometown of Hillarys. She entered her first competition at age 12 and after dominating from start to finish her path to becoming a pro surfer was cemented. Felicity states that her first wave made such a profound impact on her life that she immediately fell in love with the sport and hasn’t looked back since. In the years that followed she has turned professional and landed sponsorship deals with the likes of Billabong, Von Zipper and Aido’s.

Felicity enjoys all other types of water activities such as snorkeling and a good round of volleyball on the beach. However her talents aren’t limited to the water. As mentioned before her father had a profound impact on her life and she also follows in another one of his footsteps, art. When she’s not looking for the biggest and wildest waves, you can catch her painting and her work can be found all over her surfboards, clothes and her new website. Another passion of hers is the future of all marine life and she currently dedicates some of her time to conservation work around the world. Any girl who loves the beach as much as us gets our attention so make sure you follow her here


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