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Behind The Scenes With Tropitone

Whether on the beach, on a boat, in the jungle, or among the mangroves, there was one thing that was always with the World Swimsuit team in Borneo: Tropitone sunscreen lotion. The invisible hero of the trip, Tropitone ensured that everyone – crew, models, extras, everyone – was always protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The best part? Its unique formula ensures you still get an awesome tan without any redness or pain.

The go-to for the trip was Tropitone’s Invisi Trigger Spray SPF 50 -250 ml. The bigger bottle seemed to last forever, and the invisi-lotion was quickly absorbed. The trigger spray makes it very easy and quick to apply, leaving no excuses for anyone to get burnt! We snapped a few pics of some of the models catching some sun while wearing the product and included them below.  

Beach essential! 

Zippy Seven catching some rays! 

Jessica Strother soaking up the sun on shoot. 

Bianca Koyabe bathing in the Bornean sun. 

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