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Behind The Scenes With Flash Photo

When doing any type of photography, lighting can be very tricky. When shooting swimsuit models, it’s even worse. Perfectly clear days can produce dull light, and seemingly dramatic clouds can become a reflective nightmare. That’s where Flash Photo come in.

Based in Cape Town, the premier full service studio offers a selection of gear and equipment for hire as well as in-house post production. On this year’s World Swimsuit shoot in Borneo they provided the team with an array of lighting gear, allowing them to get the perfect shot every time. Whatever the weather, location, or situation, Flash Photo’s gear was the difference between a wasted shot and a winning shot. Below are a few a snaps of their gear being put to use!

Catching the perfect light for Genevieve Morton. 

Mia Kang didn’t have any issues with dappled light! 

Xenia Deli getting that perfect hue. 

Adding a pop light to Mia Kang, just where it’s needed

Getting the most of sun for Jessica Strother. 

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