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Behind The Scenes With Malibu Rum

Nothing says “island life” quite like a bottle of Malibu Rum. The world’s number one coconut-flavoured rum, Malibu Rum has been produced on the island of Barbados for over 100 years. Made from Caribbean rum, natural coconut flavours and very high quality pure cane sugar, it’s a favourite around the world. Over the years it has received numerous awards for both its taste and quality, not to mention its status as a leading international brand. Malibu Rum’s distinct white bottle design is instantly recognisable, and is always a sign that good times are about to be had!

This year, the World Swimsuit team took a little piece of the Caribbean with them to Borneo. From crafting unique cocktails behind the bar, to boat parties, and beach days, there was always some Malibu Rum to add some island spice.  

Malibu, coconuts and a palm tree – a match made in heaven! 

“Cocktails with Kang!” – Mia Kang whipping up some delicious Malibu-based beverages behind the bar at Gaya Island Resort. 

Party on a boat! Zippy Seven, Bianca Koyabe, and Genevieve Morton having some fun on Gaya Island Resort’s Little Princess II yacht! 

Off to sea! 

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