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We are Crushing on This New Swimwear Line

We’ve been fans of Stella McCartney athleisure and fitness gear for a long time, so when she announced she was launching a swimwear range, it was cause for celebration! Stella launched her brand in 2001 with French luxury goods conglomerate Kering in 2001, and has since gone onto collaborate with Adidas on a sportswear, launch a highly successful fragrance range and work with Bendon on a lingerie line.

With the launch of her first complete swim collection the 44-year-old said that her background in lingerie design helped inform her swimwear, especially when it came to functionality and fit. “I find that as a woman the times you are in your swimwear are some of the most vulnerable moments; when you are in the beach and exposing your body it can be quite daunting,” she told Vogue Australia. “So I want to make women feel their best, comfortable and confident at all times.” 

So, what do we love about it? The range is dosed with oodles of nostalgia (hello, crochet!) as well as sporty, striped looks, as well as suits made with Neoprene and mesh. Keeping true to her commitment to sustainability, Stella also has a range of sustainable beach totes made in Kenya. And as always, it’s about having fun. “We always have a little humour; as a brand we do like to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously,” she says. “There is a citrus print that is really about celebrating all things summer, all things beach that originally came from a ready-to-wear summer collection we did a few year.

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