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Fresh Face: Kelsey White

Born in Santa Monica, Kelsey White has her roots in the beach. “No matter where I am in the world, going to the beach always makes me feels most in my element. My dad grew up in Malibu and the ocean is such a big part of his life, I feel like it definitely reflects on myself. It really is the only place where I feel free and at complete peace,” she says. Amazingly, Kelsey managed to turn this sandy passion into a career and is now setting swim-time trends. 

Having graduated with a B.A. in Fashion Marketing she has a strong background in social media, public relations, and of course modelling. It was a no brainer for Kelsey to ultimately launch her lifestyle blog, Something Beachy. The blog escapes the ordinary, blending breezy fashion and Southern California culture into one creative spaceShe has modelled Marysia Swim, Lolly Swim, Vitamin Swim, Solid and Striped, Pacific and Driftwood, Peony Swimwear, Beach Riot and so many more. Kelsey loves life and it definitely loves her back. 

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