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Behind The Scenes With JP TIME

Nothing captures style as succinctly and subtly as a classic timepiece, and there’s one company in South Africa that knows about that than just about anyone else. Since 2009, JP TIME has made it its mission to source the world’s leading brands and introduce their products to the local market. Currently it has 10 collections under its umbrella including Bulova, GaGà Milano, and ELYSEE, all of which made an appearance in Borneo with the World Swimsuit Team.

American brand Bulova has been around since 1875 when it first opened the doors to its downtown Manhattan store. Proudly creating “pieces of history”, Bulova watches are of the highest quality and offer incredible value. Below, Tana Boshoff shows off one of their pieces. 

ELYSEE was founded in Switzerland in 1920 and is constantly motivated to offer better, more innovative products. This is perfectly summed up in the company philosophy, “At the heart of our work is the sum of design, quality and great value for money, of course, connected with the desires of watch lovers.” Below, Jessica Strother sports a piece as the perfect complement to her bikini. 

A newer player on the scene, GaGà Milano was founded in 2004, and takes its name from a unique way of living and looking at the world. Despite its age, the company has enjoyed tremendous success and is internationally acclaimed. Below, Bianca Koyabe adds a pop of colour to her ensemble with one of their pieces. 

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