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Fresh Face: Eryn Krouse

Eryn Krouse is one of those girls who makes that barefoot in a bikini kind of life so damn appealing. Eryn trained as a competitive swimmer since the age of 8 years old, which became a huge influence on her beachy lifestyle, and of course her love for all that the ocean has to offer. She sees the ocean (and the world) as an endless playground, going from open water swimming, to free diving, to surfing and hiking all in a weekend.   

She is currently balancing being a full-time University student in Los Angeles, an ocean lifeguard, a reef explorer, a paradise seeker and a jet-setting model/blogger. “It’s not exactly easy, but it’s been a great experience turning my hobbies into my work,” she says. She’s worked successfully with over 200 bikini brands, including Khongboon Swimwear, Peony Swimwear, Triangle Swimwear, and Roxy. You will always find Eryn where the sea meets the sky, “As long as I can end the day salty, sandy and a little sunburned, I’m a happy girl.” Says Eryn.

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