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Behind The Scenes With Ballops

Ballop’s Skin Shoes, proudly brought to South Africa by Actos Bare Foot Skin Shoes, are a must-have for any outdoor activity or excursion. The ultra-lightweight shoes, manufactured in South Korea and China, combine superb functionality with supreme comfort and offer excellent durability.

The specialist shoes are designed to correct posture by evenly distributing weight across the entire foot, and even provide natural acupressure. Their unique construction – using exclusively BPA-FREE materials – features a stretchable upper made from DR Knitwear and LT Spandex which is extremely quick-drying and alleviates foot-pressure. Rubber, anti-slip soles offer both protection and grip, and a heel-injection ensures durability. Soft, cushioned insoles provide support for high-impact activities, like running and jogging, but can be removed for superior ground feel and improved flexibility.

While on location in Borneo for the World Swimsuit 2016 shoot, Ballop’s were the go-to shoe for the models and crew, below we’ve included some snaps from the trip!

Bianca Koyabe met a young admirer on the way to the day’s location in Borneo! 

Bianca Koyabe ready to get in the water with her Actos Skin Shoes! 

Gaya Island Resort’s resident, senior naturalist Justin Juhun instantly took to his Ballops! 

Model for a minute, Jacques Weyers getting a taste of what it feels like to be the one in front of the lens. 

Jacques Weyers and his Ballops were inseparable when it came to the water and rough terrain! 

Timmy the long-haired boar, upset that there wasn’t a pair of Ballops in his size 🙁 

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