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Fresh Face Chelsea Yamase

Most of us think of adventure as something only strong, crazy men do, but Chelsea Yamase is a bikini babe who is breaking the mold with her outrageously adventurous spirit. From exploring the ocean floor, to hiking to the tips of mountain tops, Chelsea can literally do it all, and that includes being a model, freelance graphic designer, photographer and writer. “I try to balance my intense outdoor pursuits with relaxing inside activities, physical challenges with creative ones, mountains with ocean time, etc. All of my jobs are somewhat self-managed giving me greater flexibility when it comes to making my schedule. If I have a lot of interesting modeling jobs come up, I won’t accept as many design clients. I’m always very upfront with my employers and clients about my varying obligations and I’ve found if people want to work with you they won’t mind. I know that people who like stability would hate the way my schedule always changes, but it’s the only way I’ve found where I can take advantage of as many opportunities that come my way as possible,” explains Chelsea. 

Chelsea was drawn to the adventurers lifestyle from her active parents that cultivated that curious nature within her, and from her unrelenting desire to learn constantly. Her base is on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where she was born and where she still frequently adventures. In amongst all the wondrous things she does, Chelsea can be seen modelling Kaikini Bikinis, San Lorenzo Bikinis, Urban Outfitters, Khongboon, Mi Ola Surf, Acacia Swimwear, and so much more. With over 200K followers, she is somewhat of a travel guru, with millions inspired by her fire. 

Wheat’s her secret? “If my life is extraordinary (which I frequently think it is), it is because I make it a priority to see it that way. Fall in love with your own back yard, choose to be healthy, be motivated by your passions whatever those may be,” she says. 

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