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Behind The Scenes With USN

In 2000 USN took the local (South Africa) wellness industry by storm, bringing to market a range of affordable, high-quality wellness and lifestyle products. The brainchild of Albe Geldenhuys, it has been a leader in the industry since its inception, constantly striving for innovation in sports nutrition research, and producing excellent, effective products for both professional and non-professional athletes.

USN offers a range of products across six categories: Weight Control, Purefit, Core Muscle, Hardcore Muscle, Wellness, Beverages & Bars. The products within each category have been specifically developed to facilitate progress in a certain area, and all promote a healthy lifestyle. At the recent World Swimsuit 2016 shoot in Borneo, USN sent along some delicious supplements to keep the girls looking and feeling good, and also threw in a few of its stunning bikinis!

Jacques Weyers getting a couple of shots of Tanya Mityushina on the boardwalk. 

Tana Boshoff and Jacques Weyers looking for that perfect shot. 

Tana Boshoff cooling off in the shallows…

Zippora Seven chilling out on Tavajun Bay while Jacques Weyers snaps a few shots. 

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