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Fresh Face: Anna-Maria Sommer

Anna-Maria is an ex model, turned designer of her label Sommer Swim, and she has never been more sizzling. Sommer was born in Germany but made a move to Bali recently to totally immerse herself in the bikini world. She travels quite frequently too, going between beach clubs in Ibiza, the French Riviera and Italy’s Amalfi Coast. 

As a designer Sommer found good first hand experience from her career in the modelling industry, which has helped build her brand’s understanding of good quality fabrics, comfortable fits and well designed garments that highlight the natural beauty of the female body. Sommer swim has featured in Vogue Germany and Yume Magazine, among others.

Besides managing what Sommer calls the “blissful mania” of the business, she enjoys hiking, going on day trip to far out beaches and coastal locations, sipping devilish cocktails and exploring her new home, Bali. She is the epitome of a sexy lifestyle, and we love to keep up. 

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