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Behind The Scenes With O’Neill

Born from an unstoppable passion for surfing, Jack O’Neill pioneered the world’s first neoprene wetsuit in 1952 and never looked back. Since then his beloved brand, which was created in California, has gone on to become one of the world’s most loved brands, creating its signature, high-quality surf, snow, and lifestyle products.

O’Neill’s first Surf Shop was a garage across the road from the Great Highway, as much a workshop and retail space as it was a local gathering spot and quickly gained popularity. Soon his brand was growing and within a few years he had created a small empire that was quickly expanding, sponsoring major contests, and branching out into other avenues. One of those was a women’s clothing and accessories line, including their amazing swimwear which is showcased below on some of the world’s most beautiful models! 

Jacques Weyers shooting Tana Boshoff on the back of Gaya Island Resort’s yacht, Little Princess II

Mia Kang taking over the Bornean jungle as Gavin Bond captures it all!

Queen of sea, Tana Boshoff on the back of Little Princess II

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