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Fresh Face: Bree Lynn Kleintop

Beautiful Bree is a surfer, model and world traveler and has appeared in numerous swimwear magazines modelling for some of the biggest surfing brands. Miss Kleintop is originally from the East Coast where she embraced the ocean and the bikini world at a very young age. 

“I was a competitive surfer when I was younger, which gave me amazing opportunities to travel the world and shoot campaigns with my sponsors. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been lucky to be able to transition into a lifestyle of a free surfer. I also signed with a few modelling agencies and get to work with amazing clients like San Lorenzo! I love to travel, dive into new experiences and do things that put a smile on my face… Laughter is key!” she says.

But surfing, swimming and being a total babe is not all Bree is about; “When I’m not working or in the water, you’ll usually find me outdoors doing something with friends, reading a good book, cooking a yummy meal or messing around on my guitar. Filming surfing and cool lifestyle pieces is also a passion of mine.”

Bree got media savvy when she was featured cutting a wave on the cover of Women’s Surf Style Magazine at the age of 14, she then progressed to being named #4 on Playboy’s 21 Hottest Surfer Babes on Instagram. A lot of people are keeping an eye on her and that’s why Bree is signed with three agencies: newMARK, Next and Kitten Agency. She also models frequently for O’Neil Woman, San Lorenzo Bikinis, and Indah.  

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