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World Swimsuit/News /WORLD SWIMSUIT BORNEO 2016 DIARY – DAY 13



Today we were blessed with a late(r) start, 8:30. A special trip had been arranged to go on a river cruise to go see Proboscis monkeys, and hopefully capture some good content while on the water.

We took the whole team along, including all four of the models that are currently with us: Zippora Seven, Genevieve Morton, Bianca Koyabe, and Tana Boshoff. The trip started with a short boat ride from Gaya Island Resort to Kota Kinabalu, after which we hopped on a bus for an almost two-hour journey. En route we stopped at a local gas station and picked up some interesting snacks including “Duh! Tomato” crisps and delicious lime ice lollies.

On location we split in half and jumped on two boats, each with an expert guide. We were lucky enough spot both Proboscis and Silverleaf monkeys, although we only caught a brief glimpse of the latter.

As we cruised through the river, Genevieve Morton stood on the bow of the boat and Jacques captured some excellent shots.

The trip back was slightly longer than anticipated, and by the time we got back to the resort the shooting day was done so we jumped into the pool for a bit of R&R.

Tomorrow we have yet another early start, this time to catch a pre-dawn yacht. Swing by tomorrow, same time, same place, to see what we got up to!

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