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Fresh Face: Mimi Elashiry

Organic greenhouses, bright sunflowers, crochet hammocks and boho jewels; this is the quintessence of Mimi Elashiry. She has a cheeky charm, but perhaps her appeal also has something to do with the kind philosophy she lives by: “All you have is here and now, so surrender and just be”.

Mimi’s modelling career started off somewhat randomly: “I used to be the lion on the Panadol ads, so I’ve been doing it since I was little. I took some time off when I was about 11, so I wasn’t necessarily trying to head into the whole modelling thing again, but I did a few fun shoots for people I knew and it picked up from there, people started wanting to book me. I feel like I didn’t even really choose it, it just happened,” she says.

Mimi has modelled for a range of swimwear brands from It’s Now Cool, She Made Me, Solid and Striped, Calvin Klein, and Cheeky Swim. Now at the age of 19, she has signed with one of the most successful modelling agencies, Next Management.

She grew up and remains along the sand-sun shores of Bondi in Australia, and spends her time teaching dance, tending to her organic garden and being a total babe. You’ve likely seen her on Instagram, taking over your newsfeed and working with all of your favourite gypsy/boho inspired brands, but for Mimi, modelling is a just a means to create.


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