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Fresh Face: Olivia Lopez

Olivia is the legendary presence behind the blog A Lust For Life, mastering the art of being a modern style guru, travel guardian and teacher for how-to-live-your-best-life. A true millennial, she entered the digital world at the age of 14 with a blog that developed into her career. Now, her gorgeously curated lifestyle is everything any creative spirit with a lust for life would want to mimic.

In an interview by The Window, Olivia explains what her style philosophy means: “Bon vivant translates to good living – in essence, someone who enjoys the best things in life. Whether it’s food, furniture, fashion, or friends, I’ve always been drawn to quality, design, and investing in moments, places, and things that transcend over time. It’s about both living a well-rounded life and having a lust for life – whether that’s finding joy in the hunt for a great coat that stands the test of time, eating well, or staying connected to the world around you.”

She lives the Pinterest dream in a loft in Los Angeles with two equally creative housemates and a snowy Samoyed who has her own Instagram account. She gets a ton of media coverage, featured in L’Officiel Manila, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Food & Wine, CN Traveler, Elle, Vogue and the Wall Street Journal among others. She has also modelled a range of swimwear brands to feature on her blog; She Made Me, Mikoh, Laurence Bras and Eres. 

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