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Meet the World Swimsuit 2016 Borneo Team: Zippora Seven

Zippora Seven

While she may not be the only new member to join the World Swimsuit team, she certainly will make an impact all on her own. This model was born in New Zealand, Auckland to be exact in 1992. She was discovered at a school fair where her brother was also spotted. Although reluctant at first, she soon joined the industry and hasn’t looked back since. She says she loves playing new characters in every shoot and modeling has really helped her get over her shyness. By looking at her pictures you’d never say she was shy growing up and now her face can be seen in the likes of Elle and Glamour. She once stated that it would be a dream to appear in Vogue Italy, a dream she recently made a reality and we can only see her star rising. Brands such as DKNY, Chloe and Urban Outfitters are just some of the names she’s worked with so far and is an avid dancer and loves practicing yoga. Just like us, Zippora loves the ocean and says that if she wasn’t a model she would want to do something protecting and preserving the sea and everything it has to offer.

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