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Meet the World Swimsuit 2016 Borneo Team: Tanya Mityushina

Tanya Mityushina

New to the team is Russian model Tanya Mityushina. Born on the 19th of February 1992, Tanya grew up in the Ural Mountains. Once a fellow model showed her pictures to Elite Modeling Agency, it was a wrap and the Russian found herself departing to Los Angeles. She might be one of the few models who didn’t exactly set out to be a model, something which is still growing on her. Well it really has and she has gone on to shoot for GQ which resulted in one smoking hot photo shoot. Besides her work for the men’s magazine Tanya has worked for Victoria’s Secret, GUESS and proving that she’s no one trick pony, dabbled in acting. She played a small role in the 2013 movie Jon Don and is set to appear in the upcoming movie Rise. However her biggest accomplishment so far has to be her feature in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Her shoot in Malta for the magazine introduced her to the world and it can only go up from here for the 23 year old. Like many of today’s models, social media has also helped propel her into everyone’s lives, and it’s not difficult to see why. Boasting 90 500 followers and growing, GQ named her as one of their “models to watch on Instagram” and by looking at her feed its only a matter of time before she’s all over yours!

All images courtesy of Sports Illustrated 

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